We use two local roasting companies in Cornwall, they both use 100% Arabica beans. Green beans are sourced, bought & roasted from micro lots to larger co-operatives, using the most ethical means possible from the farmers they buy from, to the machinery they roast with. You may try any of the coffees we sell in the shop , these will be served in a cafetiere.

Espresso single/double £1.65/£2.05 Flat white  reg/lrg  £1.95/£2.35 
Machiato reg/lrg £1.70/£2.10 Black coffee reg/lrg £1.80/£2.20
Mocha mug £2.45 Latte 1/2 shots £2.10/£2.50
Cafetiere 2 cup/5 cup £2.35/£5.90 Cappucino reg/lrg £2.10/£2.50

Mr Billy's Hot Chocolate

We use Montezuma's organic drinking chocolate. Allegedly Emperor Montezuma II drank up to 50 mugs of chocolate before entertaining his harem !


Drinking chocolate Mug £2.35

Pure indulgence - stir a Venezuelan dark chocolate

dipper made by Nicky Grant into a mug of hot milk

Mug £2.35

Cold drinks

We stock a range of cold drinks both alcholic and non alcholic.

Coastal spring water 250ml still/sparkling £1.45
Elderflower presse 275 ml £2.25
Coke/Diet coke 330ml £2.20
Luscombe Sicillian lemonade 320ml £2.50
Luscombe Cool ginger beer 320ml £2.50
Luscombe Hot ginger beer 320ml £2.50
Apple juice large/small £1.00/£0.60
Orange juice large/small £1.00/£0.60
Milk large/small £1.00/£0.60
Polgoon cider 330ml £2.75
Harbour Brewery Company IPA/ £3.50

Cakes & Cream teas

We have a selection of home made cakes including Chocolate, Fruit, Carrot, Lemon Drizzle, Orange Polenta and Apricot & Date slices from £1.75.


Cream teas - 2 West Country recipe Scones served with clotted cream , strawberry jam with apot of tea or Coffee £4.75